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As a business owner you should know this: Customers are browsing with their laptops, smartphones and iPads, looking for your business…or a business like yours. In today’s wired world, every business, big or small, needs to have and manage their online presence. If you have a weak or negative online presence or;  even worse, if you have no online presence at all, you could be losing thousands of dollars in business….business that just twittered and tapped their merry way to your competitions door… If you’re a Plumber, or a Lawyer, a Dentist or a Baker, you might be shaking your head and saying to yourself “I know I have to have it, but what do I know about this online presence stuff? Not to mention, I don’t want to have to pay thousands of dollars and spend hundreds of hours in front of a computer doing this, I’ve got a business to run!” That’s where we come in…


An all-in-one Website Building, Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimization service, created specifically for small businesses. The WEB250 solution will:
  1. Build (or reconfigure) your company website
  2. Create and link your social network profiles to your website
  3. Launch an ongoing social media powered  “search engine optimization” (SEO) presence so customers can find your business and your website online
  4. Set up a mobile portal to allow you to update and manage your website from your smartphone
  5. Teach you how to update your website and social media easily
Perhaps the best feature of the WEB250 Solution is our mentoring program, where we coach you on how to effectively master your own SEO and optimize your online presence. No more being at the whims of a “Webmaster”. With WEB250 you control your online presence. You can update your website and all your social networks with one simple click. We can even show you how to do it from your smartphone! And if you don’t have the time or just don’t want to manage your online presence yourself? No problem. We’ll do it for you! WEB250: The complete “one-stop-shop” online solution for your business. To learn more about WEB250 click here. You can also call us at 630 474 1333 or email us  Official PayPal Seal