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Custom Email

Email signatures: who would have thought that they could help optimize your online perception so easily?

web250 offers an email customization service that not only adds that extra pizzaz to your email and creates a uniform, branded and professional appearance of your emails, it also integrates links directly to your social networks!

Email Customization includes:

  • Integrating your social networks into your signature
  • Customizing your email name so your email shows up for example as: “  (whether or not you have a website up)
  • Embedding branded logo’s or icons into your email
  • Integrating your email to run through Gmail, Yahoo or Bing yet still use your custom email address (
  • Creating multiple custom email names to display diversity and organization within your business or It sounds cool, but it looks cooler! Check out this screen shot of Tiffany’s original email signature…

and now check out the customized, fully integrated signature!

As you can see above in the screen shot of Tiffany’s email page, the customized email signature adds a sharp, professional look to her emails. Additionally, when her clients receive her email they can click on any of the icon images and be taken to the social networks linked to them. In this case, the webology website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and the WordPress blog.

So if you need streamlined branding and social media integration in all your email correspondence, the web250 email customization solution if just for you.