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Concept: Signature Fitness needed an app to help their members with their health and fitness goals.   Goal tracking. Workout planning. Performance tracking and statistics.  Meal Planning.  

Design:  The design needed to be stylistic and reflect the modern approach to health and fitness that their location had become known for. The app user interface should be intuitive. The user experience for their members should be simple, rewarding and engaging.      

Development:  The app needed to be asynchronous across all platforms and should display and function seamlessly on iPhones and Android and as a mobile website.   The team decided to build on the Ionic platform (used by GE, IMB, Target and Cisco for their apps)  and use Googles Firebase to manage the database. Features include:

  • Fitness Tracker
  • Workout Planner
  • Calorie Counter/Meal Planner
  • Progess Charts 
  • Smartwatch Integration
  • Supplement eCommerce Store

Result: The result is a powerful app that serves as a valuable workout tool for their members to monitor and track their personal fitness and health goals.