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Concept: A location-based Social Dating app with a twist. The ‘Icebreaker” When a user sees another user that catches their eye, they invite them to play the Icebreaker game – a series of humorous yet revealing questions. Both users get to see the results of the game and can then choose to start chatting with each other.

Design:  The design needed to be minimalistic and simple. The app user interface should be intuitive and get the user directly into the end experience – online dating. The user experience for the members had to be simple to navigate, rewarding and engaging.

Development:  The app needed to be asynchronous across all platforms and should display and function seamlessly on iPhones and Android and as a mobile website.   The team decided to build on the Ionic platform (used by GE, IMB, Target and Cisco for their apps)  and use Googles Firebase to manage the database.

Result: The result is an innovative dating app that incorporates a Q and A style interaction between users with a simple and fluid design.

Status: Live BETA