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Concept: The founders of Mood came to Webology with their idea. They had a vision for a revolutionary mobile app – a voice-activated Social Network. Think Facebook for your voice. Make posts and comments using your voice.  Publish podcasts and share to other users. Integrate into Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The app would suggest voice posts, hashtagged content and users to follow based on a users specified interests. 

Design:  The design needed to be sleek, modern and stylistic. The user interface should be intuitive. The user experience should be simple, rewarding and compelling, driving continual user engagement.      

Development:  The app needed to be asynchronous across all platforms and should display and function seamlessly on iPhones and Android and as a mobile website.   The team decided to build on the Ionic platform (used by GE, IMB, Target and Cisco for their apps)  and use Googles Firebase to manage the database.

Result: The result is a stunning, innovative social app that taps into the nascent world of voice-enabled Artifical Intelligence.