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Dr. Thomas Mahan PhD need a website do-over. He wanted a website that was modern and clinical. Something that was clean but colorful and imbued with enough information to display his knowledge and scientific skill-set, yet not over overwhelmingly so. He needed a balance between hip relevance and scientific pithy, so we went to work.

“My mission is to help others create fulfilling and enduring relationships and to restore troubled ones. I’m here to collaborate with you…to teach the knowledge and skills that help couples have happy, healthy marriages and to be amazing parents that help their kids be responsible, empowered and joyful people…to help people change their lives and families for the better by providing clear, caring, supportive, “doable” and impactful information… to help people adopt healthy habits that create lasting change for the better in their marriages, families and lives. I also work with individuals who are anxious, depressed, trying to cope with AD/HD and struggling to navigate difficult life transitions.” Dr. Thomas Mahan, PhD.