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Cindy (aka “Cinderella”) and Bernie Laskowski are both professionally trained Chefs with 20 years in the industry operating kitchens in high end establishments such as Marche, The Everest Room, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, Bin 36 and the Park Grill in Millennium Park. They are ethical, sustainable and local.
Their unique style of Paleo cuisine comes both from a deep sense of creativity as well as a connection to their food. It wasn’t enough for them to order supplies from a vendor, they knew that in order to offer a superior product, they’d need to go directly to the source.. and they did.

Bernie is often found onsite at the farms he has built lasting relationships with, tending to the animals. Both Chefs makes it a purpose to know their food; to understand how the animals are raised and what they are fed. This makes a substantial difference in the quality of what they offer you. Not only does the meat simply taste better, it is better. There are higher amounts of Omega fatty acids in cattle that are fed grass rather than grain. There are far fewer stress hormones in poultry that truly are “free range.” (as opposed to getting sunlight for 15 minutes a day while still in their cluttered pens, to earn the title) The list of benefits animals have, simply by being cared for properly, is long. Take the Paleo challenge to experience the food yourself.

Cinderella Paleo asked Webology Inc to create a site that captured the clean holistic approach of their business.

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January 7, 2015