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The best way to understand how a website is built is to imagine your website as a house that you are building. You need a plan to get from plans to paint! First you get an architect to draw up the plans. Then you get a Builder to lay the foundations, put up the walls, lay the roof. Then you get a Plumber to install the plumbing. An electrician to wire it. A carpenter to install the walls and doors and then finally a painter to paint it.

All this has to happen before you decorate your house and add your kitchen equipment, your furniture, and hang your curtains and pictures.

The same kind of process is used to build a website or mobile app. All the architecture (back end)  has to go into place before you decorate the interior (fill it with content)

Below is our process to get from starting concept to final website. From plans to paint.


What is the concept of your app/site? What does it do? What problem does it solve? What differentiates what you offer from your competitors?

We start by talking to our clients, sharing ideas and coming up with recommendations and solutions. We prefer a more personal approach rather than a technical discussion. The goal of this first phase is to determine the goals of the project, the budget and time needed to develop the application.


What do we have to do and when? What do you have to do and when? What are the milestones? What can we not do what can you not do.

The specs document describes in detail what is going to be developed, along with the results that should be achieved. It is the most important phase of the project.

Some developers fail to write a detailed development document. Creating this document is always an investment in the project, and 10 minutes invested at this phase can save 10 hours of development.  The specs document is part of the written contract between the two parties. The contract specifies the payment and delivery terms as well as the rights and the obligations of each party.


What will your app/site look like? Colors? Images? Videos? How will it flow? 

This phase will focus on the creative element of your project. Delivering  creative , simple, unique designs and our process follows any existing guidelines that may be required by the client (e.g. the Apple’s iOS Human Interface Guidelines). User experience is very important, and our designers always focus on creating intuitive, quality designs  that will focus on delivering a clean, seamless, enjoyable User Experience.

Revisions are offered at this stage so the final product is aligned with the client’s expectations.


The back-end of your app/site. How it works. Why it works.  How we keep it working. 

A good idea poorly executed will often remain just a good idea. Successful code deployment requires detail oriented project manager and a team of experienced developers, who carefully build out the application in accordance with the Specs document.

During the coding period, updates and project statuses will be provided so that our clients know exactly where we are with the application, and have vision into the project to see it as it is built. In may cases we can show the app progress through an  app simulator.


Test, test and test again. Then test again.

In the testing phase, we identify and correct any possible development errors (bugs). The complexity of this process is determined by the frequency and variety of the testing scenarios (use cases), and involves several people directly – or indirectly (the managers, the developers, the testers and the client).

During this phase, we identify whether the objectives were successfully met, and if the results are in accordance with the client’s expectations. This is our moment of truth and we do everything in our power to ensure the client is completely satisfied and the project has been successfully executed.


Signed. Sealed. Delivered. The app/site is yours.

We deliver the project to the client. We also take care of the actual deployment of the project (hosting server settings, database configurations, tuning, App Store/Google Play submission etc.) so the client has the app ready for production and marketing.

At this stage the client will also receive all the deliverables as agreed to. This is usually in the form of an encrypted  zip file emailed to the client.


We’re here for the long haul, just like your app/site. Platform updates, analytic reports, security checks and app upgrades. If you need it done, we’ll take care of it.

Our work comes with a minimum of 3 months no-quibble warranty that we offer on all  all delivered website and applications.

We make sure the app/site  runs flawless out “in the  wild”  (out in public) Most product or services need warranty periods and require maintenance and further developments and modifications.

During the warranty period – which varies with each project, Webology corrects – at no charge to the client –  any error caused by our work. After the warranty period, Webology offers support for any further modifications and additional developments that the client may require. The cost of this support can vary depending on the complexity of the app.


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