No Nonsense TEXT MESSAGE marketing

Easily send a text message to a group of contacts. Include photos, personalize your message, and track who clicked your links. Create your ad. Link it to your site. Schedule it. Send it!


Simple SMS  is a simple to use, no BS Text Message Marketing solution built for small businesses. Our team works with you to help develop, manage and analyze your text message campains. We keep your 10DLC compliant and we act as your own mobile marketing team.

Why Simple SMS?

Because Bragging Rights is why.  We don’t just sign you up and leave you alone to figure out Simple SMS on your own. We stick our nose in your business so we can get a handle on what you are trying to achieve with your marketing campaigns. We work with you and figure out what works. What doesn’t. Which messages are sticky and which ones get lost. When you get amazing results from Simple SMS we’re going to brag about you! 

Simple Pricing

No Nonsense pricing with none of those hidden fees and resricted access designed to get you in low so you pay out high..

48%+ Conversion Rates

Conversion means people actually opening your message. Text Message marketing yields aalmost 50% conversion rates.

93% Open Rates

Text Message Marketing has the highest open rates across all doigotal marketing mediums. 9 out of 10 phones will open your text.

Audience Analytics

Post campain analytics are generated to show you what works and what doesn’t.

10DLC Compliant

We are a registed 10DLC third-party partner.All businesses that send A2P messages are required by U.S. mobile carriers to register their brand with a chosen third-party partner otherwise they get throttled.   

Easy To Use

Our simple Schedule/Submit/Send Process makes it as easy as filling out the details of your offering. Our team vettes your message and then it is published at the date and time you schedule.

Get Started!

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Forbes June 2021

“SMS will continue to evolve and has the power to become an entirely shoppable experience; everything a customer can do on a Shopify site will be achievable via text. Live, timely, person-to-person messaging will become the norm as we get further into 2021, and it’s in a brand’s best interest to get started now.”




Write your message. Add your link. Schedule it. Publish it.

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