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Corporate Training

Organizing Your Online World, Optimizing Your Online Presence with Webology.

Do you and your employees understand how you should be using your social networks?

Is online presence a 2012 initiative for your business?

In a sea of vague and seemingly unconnected online options, do you want a clear and immediately actionable online plan for your business? 

Webology trainings provide in-house, flexible programs designed from the ground up to build a comprehensive understanding of superior online presence. We’ve developed an easy-to-grasp program split up into weekly sessions that teaches your employees how to collectively manage your online presence as a team, as opposed to one individual. Webology begins your training with a health check designed to snapshot where your gaps in online understanding are, so we can train you in how to utilize online tools that support your business initiatives.

The training can cover the following:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization
  • Back of the house social network administration
  • Understanding current internet terms that are relevant to your businesses online presence
  • The “Authentic Blog”
  • Nurturing your company’s news and keeping it fresh
  • Understanding and integrating new technologies and applications into your business
  • Why every business should be using Gmail and Google apps and how to maximize their use
  • How to utilize your professional social network
  • Social network communication etiquette
  • The Ten Commandments of organic online marketing
  • Applying online metrics
  • Which tools & applications to use for analytics
  • How to interpret the data and use it
  • The “Cloud Conversion” integration and what that means for your business
  • Understanding how it all connects to create powerful branding, superior online presence for your business and what it takes to maintain relevance in an ever changing technological world

Contact Corporate Trainer Tiffany Berry at or 708-497-8151