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What does “Social Media” mean?

Social Media is the term for using social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to promote and sell goods, services, information, brands, ideas, movements, anything that can be sold or pushed to people with a social network account. Wikipedia defines Social Media here

 Why do many of your websites have a similar layout?

The layout you see is configured to show on all media platforms. That means, iPhones, Droid’s, Blackberry’s, iPad’s, Kindles, Internet TV’s etc. We also eschew the use of Flash as it doesn’t show on any mobile device sold by Apple like iPhones, iPad’s and iTouches and tends to be very “buggy” on gaming apps. We can of course add a lot more  “sizzle” –  busier pages, animated graphics and custom media integration’s – but those are charged at a custom rate and can ultimately run in the thousands…often in the tens of thousands.

We’ve created some very clean, easy to view and powerful websites that display across all mediums, increase SEO rankings and drive traffic to our clients as part of our web250, web500 and web1000+ packages with prices that start at $250 down.

What is involved in Managed Services? Do you manage my whole SEO and online marketing campaign? 

The answer is yes…if you want us too. Obviously there’s a cost involved depending on the work involved and the blood, sweat and tears (hours) that we have to put in. Monthly Managed Services start at $100 per month.  More information on Managed Services can be found here

Do you guarantee a certain number of “friends” or “follows” as part of your Managed Services?

No. we would rather see you have 100 leads that convert to 50 sales than 10,000 leads that convert to one. Social Media is certainly a numbers game to a certain extent but the goal with web250 is quality not necessarily quantity. As part of our Social Media integration we merge your different contacts and relationships and port them through your website and what we call your “Key”, your email account that is essentially your master controller for all your social networks, websites and media. We also build (or show you how to build) your Social Media connections and audience so your friends and follows grow organically and with inherent value in the connection and the relationship.

I see that you are in the Chicago, Illinois area. Can I still use your services if I am in say New York or overseas in say Greenland?

Absolutely. While each country has different rules, regulations and nuances when it comes to social media, ultimately the fundamental result of website and social network integration remains the same wherever you are in business. It works.

Do you handle the same kind of clients in the same industry in the same area? 

Yes. We try to be as geographically correct as possible when we take on new clients. By that we mean if we have a dentist who wants our services and their competition is two doors down we will probably take a pass on the work and refer him to one of our strategic partners. It tends to be a conflict of interest and just gets too messy otherwise.

Do you give discounts for referrals?

Yes.  Ask your account manager for details.

Will you write my copy and create images for my website for me?

Yes if you want us to, but we’ll charge you accordingly. You can see our rates here.

 How many pages should I have on my website?

The answer is completely subjective. It’s common knowledge with most web designers that its usually only 2 or 3 pages on a site that get 95% of the hits. However, you could have a very diverse range of products and services and your clients might expect 20+ pages of information. Most times you are looking at 5-10 as an acceptable number. At least in our humble opinion.

If you have any more questions contact us directly and we’ll do our best to answer them.

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