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On-Site Signage

If you are hosting a special event, lecture, conference, or trade show, you can gain subscribers to your opt-in text messaging by having on-site signage requesting attendees to text a keyword or scan a QR code to receive special offers, basic information, or alerts. On-site SMS list building has been particularly effective for real estate text marketing, by placing keywords or QR codes on boards outside properties for sale.

In-Store Signage

In-store signage works particularly well for attracting customers to opt-in text message services because the customers are already in your store, bar, restaurant, or gym, and have an existing interest in your goods or services. You can use the same “be the first to hear about our special offers” or “get a discount on your next purchase” incentives to encourage customers to send an opt-in text right away.


If you want to attract contacts to your opt-in text messaging via billboard or off-site signage, it is important that you use simple keywords and short QR codes. Although 91% of people have their mobile phones with them at all times, somebody passing a billboard on a bus or in a car will have to remember the details until they reach into their pocket and tap the keyword and short code into their phone.


Email is a fantastic vehicle for building text opt-in lists. Whenever you send an email, make sure your email signature contains details of how recipients can join your opt-in text messaging service. If you have an existing database of customers you contact by email, send the entire database an email message advising them of your new opt-in SMS marketing. People love to be involved in something “new.”

Radio & TV

If you are advertising on the radio or TV, leverage that airtime by adding a texting call-to-action. Due to the volume of direct marketing, only the most memorable advertisements ever get any attention. Make sure yours is one of them by offering listeners and viewers a special offer for texting a keyword to your opt-in SMS marketing short code. Again, make sure the keyword and short code are easy to remember.

Social Media

You can give your text marketing list a boost by cross-promoting it on your social media channels. Don’t just promote it one time. Make it a regular practice to cross-promote email, social media, and text marketing lists to make sure that your contacts stay connected wherever they communicate best.

Sponsored Messages 

These ads are for your current subscribers past the +1 rule. You can broadcast to anyone on your list who’s interacted with your Messenger bot within the past year. 

Transactional Messaging

Create a messaging campaign to remind customers to confirm appointments, appointment openings or service reminders. It’s easier to convert a customer from transactional messaging to promotional messages as the trust has already been established.

Click-to-Messenger ads (CTM)

Running Facebook ads that click to Messenger can help you collect SMS opt-ins at scale. You can leverage Facebook targeting to find relevant customers and those who are out-of-reach for a Sponsored Message. Connect these Facebook campaigns to a ManyChat flow by going to Growth Tools → Ads, or using a JSON Growth tool inside of Facebook ads manager.

Ask for permission from already collected phone numbers

Website/Contact Forms



Value Proposition Ideas:

  • Couponing/Discounting/Deals/Offers
  • Sweepstakes/Giveaways/Enter to Win
  • Gated Content
  • VIP Program
  • Trivia Games
  • Gamification


  • Short codes
  • Click-to-Join Widgets and Opt-In Forms
  • QR Codes

Here are 15 ways to grow a list of text marketing subscribers contacts:

  • Give SMS subscribers VIP access
  • Opt-in SMS subscribers with a magic keyword
  • Run a contest or giveaway via SMS
  • Promote SMS opt-in across social media
  • Use a website pop-up to invite SMS opt-ins
  • Convert email subscribers to SMS subscribers
  • Invite Facebook Page fans to get SMS updates
  • Run Facebook Ads powered by a chatbot with automatic SMS opt-in
  • Promote SMS opt-in on signs, posters, business cards and more
  • Convert web chat leads to SMS subscribers
  • Keep SMS messages short and clear
  • Convert transactional messaging to promotional
  • Segment SMS audiences by interest and attributes
  • Jump into convos live when a personal touch is needed
  • Track SMS campaign performance metrics and optimize
  • Choose the right SMS marketing platform